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Energy Efficient Lighting Tips

Lighting consumes 10% of the average American home’s utility bill so using energy-efficient lighting strategies can reduce the average home’s lighting costs significantly. Here are some tips to help increase energy efficiency. Use task lights: task lights only illuminate the area in use instead of lighting up the entire area and thus save energy. So, [...]

Degrees and Jobs in the New World of Energy

When people are talking about going green and conserving energy, they often believe that they are looking at the bigger picture, and that their conservation efforts are going to be good for the world. They are correct. Working with efficient forms of energy and renewable forms of energy has the potential to do quite a [...]

Can Music Create Electricity?

Electricity is energy, as we know, and that means that it seems feasible that music and sound wave energy should be able to create electricity. It seems plausible because it is plausible! The concept of being able to create electricity with sound waves has been around for some time. In fact, a device called an [...]

How to Make a Clock Powered by a Potato

Are you looking for a fun scientific experiment that you can share with your kids? One of the simplest and most interesting experiments you can try is to make a potato-powered clock. This might sound like something out of a mad scientist’s lab, but it really works! Best of all, it’s easy to do and [...]

How Our Kids Learn about Energy

Just as with everything else in life, learning about energy should always begin at home. While the kids are likely going to be studying energy in some manner throughout their school life, you should take the time to teach them at least the basics while they are still at home. Of course, when you are [...]

Moving 101: Switching Your Power

If you are getting ready to move, you already have quite a few things on your mind more than likely. You have to think about the actual physical part of the move, make sure that your furniture arrives on time, ensure that you have your cable and phone connected, and you have to make sure [...]

The Invention of the First Light Bulb

The light bulb has a long and interesting history, and while you might think you know about the invention of the first light bulb, there’s a good chance that you are incorrect. Do you believe that Thomas Edison was the inventor of the very first light bulb in 1879? The history of the bulb is [...]

Still Learning with Schoolhouse Rock

If you were a child in the late 70s and 80s, then you probably know a bit about Schoolhouse Rock. The short cartoon music videos were staples of Saturday morning television, and they covered a host of different types of topics all in an effort to teach youngsters about various things. The catchy lyrics and [...]

Solar Cooking Ideas

Have you ever heard of solar cooking? This type of cooking method will actually let you cook food using the power of the sun. Of course, it is not quite as simple as cracking an egg on the sidewalk or placing a cupcake pan on the porch in the middle of summer. The first thing [...]

Who is Henry Hub?

At first glance, the name Henry Hub might sound like some obscure comic book character from the mind of Stan Lee thanks to the alliteration! However, Henry Hub is not a comic book character, and it is not even a person. Instead, it is a noun of a different sort. Henry Hub is a thing. [...]

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