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The All-Electric…Airplane?

If you’ve ever thought about owning your own airplane but figured it would be way out of your price range, there’s still hope! GreenWing International has just released the pricing details for its latest plane, the eSpyder. The 32 horsepower electric motor airplane is available in kit form and can be purchased for just under [...]

We’ve Heard It All: A Smart Toilet

It probably comes as no surprise to many that this hi-tech throne comes by way of Japanese manufacturer LIXIL. The sleek, low profile SATIS toilet is designed to function as your own personal washroom butt-ler, with its many SATISfying features. Things like an automatic seat, so you’ll never have to remember to put it down [...]

What is a Cool Roof?

They’ve been implemented across the globe for centuries in one form or another, like the white roofed buildings of Santorini, and they still hold usefulness today. Cool roofs are made with reflective paint, sheet, or tiles to reflect the rays of the sun and prevent the roof from absorbing much of the warmth.  In the [...]

What is Graphene and How Does It Relate to Energy Storage?

Graphene is the end result of reducing graphite, the same carbon material in pencils, to layers only one atom thick. Both graphite and graphene are very strong, stable, and excellent conductors. While most people associate graphite with pencils, its individual layers can have a major impact on energy storage. Graphene energy storage is more compact, [...]

The Memory Effect

Chances are if you’ve used rechargeable batteries for a long period of time, you’ve noticed that they don’t hold a charge as long when they get older. Eventually, they get to a point where when you charge them, they only last a few minutes before they are flat again. This is due to a phenomenon [...]

Consumer Vehicles That Run on Compressed Natural Gas

Natural gas is widely used to provide electricity to a local or regional power grid, and also to directly power some homes, but did you realize that there are also vehicles that run on compressed natural gas (CNG)? These aren’t specially designed, LNG plant-owned vehicles, either; they’re consumer grade cars, trucks, vans, and public transportation [...]

Pennsylvania and Natural Gas: A Match Made in Heaven

Pennsylvania is home to the second largest natural gas field in the world, the Marcellus Shale formation. This massive source of energy is also a massive source of wealth for the state. The Marcellus Shale is instrumental in bringing some stability to the local economy and the workers that harvest the gas. In fact, nearly [...]

How is Natural Gas Transported?

Natural gas is a growing energy source that is providing homes and businesses with cleaner, reliable energy all over the country. But have you ever wondered how that natural gas gets to your home? On the small scale, it may seem as simple as tapping into a natural gas pipeline that goes by your home, [...]

Wind and Snow (but not what you think)

Wind energy is steadily blowing away the energy markets and gaining a cool advantage in colder climates. It is predicted that by the year 2017, wind energy will produce between 45 and 50 gigawatts of electricity in cold climates alone. This would by a 72% increase over 2012’s output. Tomas Wellenius, a researcher with VTT [...]

What’s in the Sun?

The sun provides us with light and warmth every single day. We use sunlight to warm our homes, help grow our plants, and even power cities. The sun, whose official name is Sol (where we get the word “solar� from), produces enough energy every single second to power every electronic device on the Earth for [...]

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