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Which State is the Leader in Wind Energy?

Wind turbines can be found all over the country, dotting the landscape and swinging their massive blades through the air. By the end of 2012, the United States boasted a staggering 45,100 wind turbines, generating over 60,000 megawatts (MW) of electricity. This was also the first year where wind energy surpassed all other energy sources, [...]

The World’s Most Energy Efficient Building?

Many home and business owners are making an effort to have energy efficient buildings. They invest in new windows, smart thermostats they can control with a phone, properly insulate and weather strip, and reduce needless energy consumption. But, the Bullitt Center is a project of the Bullitt Foundation that will become a 50,000 square foot [...]

How Las Vegas is Using Solar Power

Las Vegas is a city of bright lights, fancy shows, sprawling deserts, and a brand new solar farm that will provide energy for a nearby waste water treatment plant. The 15,000 panel solar farm is densely packed into 25 acres of city land that was originally an empty strip of land serving as a buffer [...]

Which State is the Leader in Solar Energy?

Solar generated electricity is fast becoming a popular alternative energy production method. Many homes lay out solar panels on their roofs to capture the sun’s rays and turn that into clean, affordable energy. But, there’s one state where entire roofs are covered and some fields are home to long rows of obsidian and chrome colored [...]

The Driving Force behind LEDs

We all know Light Emitting Diodes, or LEDs, are energy efficient and bright light sources. With the rapid increase in LED usage, the world will be saving about $30 billion in energy costs by the year 2027. That’s equal to the annual output of 44 large power plants! Of all the electricity produced in the [...]

Home Improvements That Will Save Energy!

We all want our homes to look presentable to guests who visit and potential buyers when we’re ready to sell. We also want to feel good about our home – our investment – in general. By making some energy efficient home improvements, you can improve how your home looks, save money, and feel good about [...]

Natural Gas . . . Vehicles?

Gasoline powered vehicles have existed for well over a century. The first gasoline powered car was road tested in 1893 by the Duryea Brothers in Springfield, Massachusetts. Since then, almost every vehicle we see on the road runs on fossil fuel. Many of them are a hybrid of fossil fuel and electricity.  But a growing [...]

The Benefits of Weather Stripping

As houses age, they can develop small cracks along seams in windowsills, door frames, and attic spaces. These tiny cracks can have a major impact on your energy costs. Air seeps through these cracks, causing your home to lose 30 to 40% in extra heat in the winter and cooled air from your air conditioner [...]

What is “Power Felt”?

Electricity can be generated by many different means.  Solar panels, wind turbines, hydroelectricity, natural gas, coal, and geothermal vents are many of the ways we generate electricity. But now, David Carroll, a nanotechnologist from Wake Forest University has developed a thermoelectric fabric he calls power felt that generates electricity from heat or movement. The fabric [...]

Car Debate: Electric vs. Hybrid

There’s no doubt that internal combustion vehicles will eventually be obsolete. We’ve already seen the advancements with locomotives; from steam locomotives, to diesel locomotives, to electric and magnetic monorails. Cars will be no different; though it’s highly unlikely they will run on magnets or rails. Hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) have actually existed since 1901, when [...]

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