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Low Carbon Electricity

Climate change has been a hot button issue for a number of years now. The primary reason behind climate change is greenhouse gas emissions, which the world was responsible for 50 gigatonnes (Gt) in 2010. Electricity generation consisted of a little less than a quarter of all emissions at 13 Gt. That includes generating electricity [...]

Energy Usage: Apartments vs. Single-Family Homes

Most apartments are essentially semi-permanent hotels and would consume a lot of electricity with so many people living in them, right? Compared to a single-family home, they probably eat a lot of power each day. However, that is not actually the case. Electricity usage in apartments has actually dropped almost 40% in recent times. In [...]

Teaching Children About Electricity

Electricity is a major part of all of our lives. From turning on the lights at night to playing video games, electricity is a part of almost everything we do. As such, it is also important to learn all we can about electricity and how it helps appliances function. Teaching children about electricity may seem [...]

Load Shedding and Why It’s Important

Whenever there is a great demand for electrical power, such as during a hot day when everyone is running air conditioning, load shedding can help. Load shedding is a way to save money, and it can be quite useful to reduce pollution as well. If load shedding were not a possibility, the result would be [...]

Electricity Jargon Made Easy!

Have you ever come across some electricity terms that you didn’t know? With all the acronyms and jargon in the electrical industry, it can be hard to keep track. We’ve looked for the most common terms people will come across and listed them here in simple terms. Deregulation: Simply put, it means you have the [...]

Can Music Create Electricity?

Electricity is energy, as we know, and that means that it seems feasible that music and sound wave energy should be able to create electricity. It seems plausible because it is plausible! The concept of being able to create electricity with sound waves has been around for some time. In fact, a device called an [...]

How to Make a Clock Powered by a Potato

Are you looking for a fun scientific experiment that you can share with your kids? One of the simplest and most interesting experiments you can try is to make a potato-powered clock. This might sound like something out of a mad scientist’s lab, but it really works! Best of all, it’s easy to do and [...]

How Our Kids Learn about Energy

Just as with everything else in life, learning about energy should always begin at home. While the kids are likely going to be studying energy in some manner throughout their school life, you should take the time to teach them at least the basics while they are still at home. Of course, when you are [...]

Moving 101: Switching Your Power

If you are getting ready to move, you already have quite a few things on your mind more than likely. You have to think about the actual physical part of the move, make sure that your furniture arrives on time, ensure that you have your cable and phone connected, and you have to make sure [...]

The Invention of the First Light Bulb

The light bulb has a long and interesting history, and while you might think you know about the invention of the first light bulb, there’s a good chance that you are incorrect. Do you believe that Thomas Edison was the inventor of the very first light bulb in 1879? The history of the bulb is [...]

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