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From Camping to Glamping

Camping is a popular pastime shared by thousands of people all over the world. Whether it’s taking your recreational vehicle out to a campground, or setting up a small tent underneath the stars, campers all know the joy of being outdoors and away from their busy lives. There are many campers that aren’t quite up [...]

Taking the Competition Solar

Every year, the United States Department of Energy hosts the Solar Decathlon, where teams of students from universities all over the world compete to build a functioning solar powered home in an effort to raise awareness of sustainable living. The competition involves 10 contests over two years. In the end, these homes get disassembled with [...]

Cold Fusion: The Next Fuel Source?

Nuclear technology has come a long way since it was heavily developed in the 1940s and 1950s. Instead of being used for war and destruction, nuclear power plants have been producing large quantities of relatively clean energy, powering our homes and businesses. These power plants operate on the process known as nuclear fission. Nuclear fission [...]

The All-Electric…Airplane?

If you’ve ever thought about owning your own airplane but figured it would be way out of your price range, there’s still hope! GreenWing International has just released the pricing details for its latest plane, the eSpyder. The 32 horsepower electric motor airplane is available in kit form and can be purchased for just under [...]

We’ve Heard It All: A Smart Toilet

It probably comes as no surprise to many that this hi-tech throne comes by way of Japanese manufacturer LIXIL. The sleek, low profile SATIS toilet is designed to function as your own personal washroom butt-ler, with its many SATISfying features. Things like an automatic seat, so you’ll never have to remember to put it down [...]

An Innovation in Energy Storage

When we think of energy storage, most people will think of batteries. Batteries store electricity and release it as necessary for a variety of devices, from cars to phones. But batteries aren’t the only method of storing energy. A reservoir located behind the Lewiston power plant at Niagara Falls stores 1900 acres worth of water [...]