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Protection 101: How to detect and conquer a gas leak

As useful as natural gas is in our daily lives, it can also create a gas hazard. You might be using gas in your home through the gas stove, dryer, central heater or even space heater. Here are 3Rs to help you detect and conquer a gas leak in your home. Recognize: If you see [...]

Kitchen fires —be prepared to strike back

If you ever are faced with a kitchen fire, you need to strike back quickly and take control before the fire gets out of hand. We all know the drop and roll rule if our clothes are on fire, but many of us might not be prepared to tackle a fire before it spreads. Have [...]

Too Expensive to Replace Your Appliances? Follow These Useful Tips to Extend Their Use and Make Them Energy Efficient

Appliances are not cheap, and even though you might have the desire to buy energy efficient appliances for your Texas home, your bank account might not agree. If you have some older appliances that you just can’t afford to replace right now, that does not mean that you will have to give up on the [...]

Reminder: What a power outage can look like

Every so often we face a natural disaster and it leads into a power outage. The recent Super Storm Sandy gave the East Coast a harsh reminder what life without electricity can look like. This was sadly not the first time that Americans have suffered power outages following a natural disaster. Last year the East [...]

Electricity Generation 101- Part 1

We all think we know the answer to this: How many people does it take to turn on a light bulb. One, right? That’s partially true, but the real answer is much more complex because it takes many people to generate and deliver power. In order for us to learn how electricity is generated we [...]

Power out: Downed power lines during natural disasters

Super storm Sandy may be gone in many areas, but there are still potential hazards to watch for in its aftermath. It could take weeks to restore power to millions of people left in the dark by the super storm. Hurricanes are often packed with high winds. These winds, combined with flooding rains, can reap [...]

Teaching children to conserve power

 It’s important for children to appreciate the environment and have an understanding of energy conservation. They can easily follow some simple rules to minimize their energy usage. There are various ways you can teach your children to save energy by making simple changes to their habits. It not only allows them to save energy, but [...]

Getting a new pet? How about energy pet- proofing your home first!

Similar to how you would proof a home before a baby starts crawling, it’s very important to ensure that all safety hazards are addressed around the house before allowing a pet to roam freely. Pet-proofing applies to all types of pets—from the usual indoor cats and dogs, to the more colorful birds. Some of the [...]

10 ways to be thrifty and save energy

There are simple things you can do to save electricity, money and greenhouse gas emissions in your home or workplace that help reduce your impact on the environment. Most homes today come equipped with televisions, DVD players, cell phones, laptops and a gaggle of other electronics. All these items continue to use electricity if they’re [...]

Is hydrogen the answer?

The remains of plants and animals that died while dinosaurs roamed the earth formed fossil fuels and gradually transformed into coal, oil or natural gas. This process took millions of years. The fossil fuels we are using now were formed millions of years ago. We cannot go back in time to produce more fossil fuels. [...]

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