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Green Energy or Blue Energy? You choose!

Green energy is electricity generated from methods other than the conventional sources—such as oil, nuclear and coal–and has many advantages. Blue is the color that defines gloominess and pollution caused by the conventional methods of energy generation. One major advantage to renewable energy is the sources of energy production are easily replenished. Therefore, it is [...]

Nuclear Waste in Electricity Generation

Electricity generation in a nuclear plant results in many byproducts known as ‘nuclear waste’, which are extremely harmful for the environment. During electricity generation in a nuclear plant—from uranium mining to reprocessing exposed nuclear fuel—high levels of nuclear waste are produced. This high-level radioactive waste remains hazardous for thousands or even millions of years. However, [...]

Heard about Cake mix? How about Fuel Mix

When buying food from the grocery store, we read food labels to know about ingredients, nutrition and calories. Similarly, we should also know what our electricity suppliers are using to produce electricity with details of the mix of fuels used to produce the electricity supplied to them. Since October 2005, it has been mandatory in [...]

CO2 emission and Electricity Generation

Carbon emissions are a major contributor to climate change. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the primary greenhouse gas emitted through human activities, electricity generation being an integral part. Combustion of fossil fuels for energy and transportation is the main human activity that emits CO2, although certain industrial processes also emit CO2. Electricity is one of the [...]

Tips for Energy Conservation with the help of Plants

No matter the time of year or what season it is, our energy bill is always a major concern for many of us. We are concerned about saving energy costs, and never before have home owners been so focused about savings through landscaping. Growing plants around the house might be a hobby or a way [...]

Energy Efficient Landscaping

Homeowners have used landscaping to save energy for many years, but only recently have we started to realize the magnitude of possible savings. Proper landscaping may cut winter heating bills by as much as 15 percent, while summer cooling energy needs may be cut by as much as 50 percent, according to a government study. [...]

What is the home weatherization assistance program?

The Weather Assistance Program (WAP), created by the US Department of Energy, is implemented through a network of government regulatory bodies and local community agencies to provide ‘weatherization services’ for families below the average income line to lower their energy bills and become energy efficient, through achieving maximum efficiency. Low-income families in every state in [...]

What is a smart energy grid?

The official definition by the US government on its Smart Grid is that, “a Smart Grid is a developing network of new technologies, equipment, and controls working together to respond immediately to our 21st century demand for electricity.� The standard electric grid is a legacy network, dating back to the 1890s with over 9,200 electric [...]

Reduce Electric Bill by unplugging Vampire Electronics

Many people don’t realize that their electronics may consumer power even when they are plugged in, but not in use. Some electronics use power because of their LED standby light, while others use up electricity simply being connected to an outlet. These electronics are commonly termed as “Vampire Electronics� as they suck up electricity without [...]

History of energy deregulation in New York

Only a short time ago, energy consumers in New York were forced to accept one level of service and one price, but they now have the freedom to exercise their choice. After New York energy deregulation, consumers were given a choice to seek out the best electricity and gas services at affordable rates out of [...]

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