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Glacial Energy Rejects Blood Diamond Accusations

In August of 2011, Glacial Energy was accused in a lawsuit of being a “racketeering enterprise�
and secretly funneling revenue from customers to fund a blood diamond mining operation in
the Congo. In an attempt to create a scandal, this lawsuit was filed by Michael Petras, a
disgruntled former business associate of Gary Mole, CEO of Glacial Energy.

Shortly after the Petras lawsuit was filed, the Court required that our accuser re�file his
lawsuit without the outrageous and unfounded claims of blood diamond mining in Africa.
Subsequently, the Dallas/Fort Worth NBC affiliate did a news report and posted a story on
their website that reported on the false Blood Diamond claims and accusations found in the
details of the Petras lawsuit. Unfortunately, while other news websites have removed the
frivolous posting, NBC DFW claims a right to keep the allegations posted online because,
they were merely reporting that the lawsuit was filed and never commented on the lawsuit’s
veracity. While Glacial Energy feels that the continued posting of such meritless accusations
by NBC is reckless and does not reflect “responsible journalism,â€� we do not dispute the right
of the press to publish whatever it chooses within the bounds of the law.

Glacial Energy has stood firm on our stance that neither we, nor any of our subsidiaries, have
ever been involved, invested in or supported any blood diamond mining in the Congo or
elsewhere. We again thank our loyal customers for their support throughout this ordeal. If you
have further questions you can contact us at

Glacial Energy’s Green Energy Program Gives Renewed Strength and Green Power Sources to Your Business

Glacial Green, the green energy program from Glacial Energy, is an important way to help reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

In the short term, it can help you meet customer demand for greener processes.  In the long term, the Glacial Green energy program helps support renewable energy (or green power) sources, allowing them to expand and meet future needs.  Wind, steam, hydroelectric, tidal and other green sustainable power sources can increase energy security and decrease volatility in natural gas markets.

The way the Glacial Green program works is very simple.  Glacial Energy buys renewable energy certificates (RECs), which represent the environmental attributes of one MHz (megawatt hour) of electricity generated from renewable resources.  For every REC that Glacial Energy purchases on your business’ behalf, you will receive 1 LEED credit point.  RECs provide direct financial support to renewable energy, and buildings seeking to meet LEED benchmark standards can receive various ascending levels of recognition (Certified, Gold, Silver, and Platinum).  Green-e certified RECs can be used to gain credits under LEED.

While Glacial Green is right for many businesses, those with a lot of foot traffic especially benefit by displaying the Glacial Green certificate for their customers to see.  This may attract additional customers who will note your obvious commitment to renewable resources and the environment.

Taking full advantage of green power is a natural win-win situation for your business, your customers and the environment. For more about the Glacial Green program, visit

Is Glacial Energy a Multi-level Marketing Company?

The answer is no. Glacial Energy sells numerous electric and natural gas products to commercial, industrial and institutional entities in markets throughout the United States.  The core customers of our operations are other businesses.  In general, multi-level marketing companies sell only to residential customers; many of these companies do not allow their sales associates to sell to businesses.

Our sales representatives are employees, brokers or agents of Glacial Energy who do not have to pay to join the company and recruit other sales associates to create multiple levels of sales personnel and commissions.  While it is true that some agents work under employees and brokers, there is only one level of compensation/commissions and not multiple levels as found in MLM companies.  Our strong sales organization is committed to serving customers ethically and responsibly.

Glacial Energy is legally licensed to sell natural gas in 20 states and electricity in 15 states, as well as the District of Columbia.  There are no illegal “pyramid schemes� here…just a comprehensive suite of both fixed and variable rate electricity and natural gas products.  Our customers receive a green energy product, as well as opportunities to give back to their respective local communities through the Glacial Cares program.

Backed by a solid customer base and sales organization focused on being the best energy company in the country, Glacial Energy will continue to operate with efficiency and integrity.

Glacial Energy Hires New Chief Operating Officer, Paul Konikowski

Here is our press release on our new Chief Operating Officer, Paul Konikowski:

“January, 2012 Paul Konikowski was appointed Chief Operating Officer for Glacial Energy– Glacial Energy is pleased to announce that Paul Konikowski was recently appointed the company’s Chief Operating Officer. In this role, Paul will oversee the operation, planning and system integration for a number of different departments including Information Technology, Sales Support, Data Operations, Customer Care and Billing.

Prior to joining Glacial Energy, Paul attended Stephen F. Austin State University earning a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in 1994 with a double major in Marketing and Computer Information Systems. Paul was employed in a number of different positions in the Dallas and Houston area before entering the energy field in 1999 where he served a number of roles with Shell Energy Services and MXenergy. Most recently, Paul was employed at Spark Energy as Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Glacial Energy is one of the fastest growing national retail energy suppliers in the United States, currently supplying electricity and natural gas to commercial, industrial, and institutional customers in deregulated states throughout the country. Visit for more information on saving money with Glacial Energy.”

Glacial Energy Hires New Executive Vice President of Portfolio Management

Here is our press release on our new Executive Vice President of Portfolio Management, Juliana Claussen Konikowski:

“January, 2012 Juliana Claussen Konikowski appointed Executive Vice President of Portfolio Management for Glacial Energy– Glacial Energy is pleased to announce that Juliana Claussen Konikowski was recently appointed the company’s Executive Vice President of Portfolio Management. In this role, Juliana will oversee all aspects of the Natural Gas and Power Operations groups.

Prior to joining Glacial Energy, Juliana attended Pontifica Universidade Catolica in Sao Paulo, Brazil and Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio where she earned a bachelor Degree in Economics in 2001. She began her career in the energy field in 2002 with Constellation Energy Group as a Corporate Account Manager moving briefly to Aleris International where she served as a Base Metals and Natural Gas Trader. In 2006, she was employed by Constellation Energy Group/MXenergy as Vice President of Risk, Pricing, and Portfolio Management.

Glacial Energy is one of the fastest growing national retail energy suppliers in the United States, currently supplying electricity and natural gas to commercial, industrial, and institutional customers in deregulated states throughout the country. Visit for more information on saving money with Glacial Energy.”

UPDATED: Glacial Energy’s Official Response to the PUCT

Below is our official statement concerning the PUCT recommendation issued on January 9th, 2012:

“On January 6, 2012, the staff of the Public Utilities Commission of Texas (“PUCTâ€�) issued a Notice of Violation and on January 9, 2012 issued a Petition Seeking Revocation to Glacial Energy. This Notice and Petition will be vigorously contested by Glacial Energy of Texas at the PUCT and in the courts.

  • First, the Notice clearly infringes upon the constitutional rights of Glacial Energy of Texas by attempting to force a divestiture of ownership or revocation through the retroactive application of a new 2010 administrative rule.
  • Second, the record will establish that Glacial Energy of Texas did not provide any false or misleading information to the PUCT in its original application in 2005.
  • Third, any sales taxes mistakenly billed to residential customers were not kept by Glacial Energy, were remitted to the State, and finally, were refunded to customers.

Glacial Energy of Texas has a low rate of customer complaints, and the PUCT has found in its favor on every one.  Customers can be assured that their Glacial Energy of Texas service will continue without interruption until this matter is resolved. Please note that this is a Texas matter and no other Glacial Energy Affiliate is affected.”

UPDATE: Glacial Energy of Texas has been proudly and capably serving the needs of its customers in Texas for 6 years within the rules of the Texas electric market as overseen by the Public Utility Commission of Texas (“PUCTâ€�). Unfortunately, we have been forced to file a lawsuit to clarify our ability to continue those customer relationships.  We must protect our customers and our company’s reputation in Texas against a PUCT rule and enforcement action that we believe to be unconstitutional. We expect the outcome of this litigation to be a ruling that allows our management and employees to fully engage in the competitive Texas retail market and continue to grow the company.

To see the filing document please click the link to download:

Introductory Offer on Fixed Rates for New Texas Electric Customers Through Jan. 15th!

Have you had it with high electricity prices from other Texas electric companies in the summer?

Now through January 15th you can lock in a full requirement fixed rates in Texas* for 12 months with Glacial Energy!

That’s right—a fixed rate with no additional charges from Glacial Energy, so you can plan on the same price during the hottest months of summer and coldest months of winter.

We’ve listened to companies like yours, who told us how important it is to stay protected from price spikes. And we responded with our first-ever fixed rate, in addition to our continuing commitment to outstanding customer service.

Want to lock in your introductory fixed rate on your electricity? Here’s how:


Currently, Glacial Energy fixed rates apply to electricity and are only available in Texas. We will soon offer fixed electricity rates for Ohio, New York and Massachusetts.  Fixed natural gas rates will also be coming in the near future.

Flatten your bill today with a fixed electricity rate from Glacial Energy.  Act now, because this opportunity is only good through January 15th, 2012 and only available to new Glacial Energy customers only.

*Full requirement fixed rates in Texas only. Does not include TDSP and taxes. Contract required.

Happy Customer!

“Thank you kindly Kate, very quick turn around…….I wish every supplier was like Glacial or everyone used Glacial as their supplier. Going forward I will suggest Glacial, especially since you guys are on the ball with customer services!

Thanks again…..”

Senior Consultant

A Note to Our Valued Customers and Business Partners

Recently, Glacial Energy has become the target of a frivolous lawsuit and allegations which have resulted in inflammatory news articles.

We believe the claims being made are not only absolutely untrue, but were made solely in an effort to damage our Company’s reputation and promote public scandal. This lawsuit was brought by an individual who has never had any business dealings of any kind with Glacial Energy and has a history of litigation against other companies. The claims should be viewed as irresponsible and frivolous.

We are responding with an aggressive defense which we believe is appropriate given the untrue and irresponsible claims made by the plaintiff. Glacial Energy is in the process of moving to dismiss the lawsuit and we fully expect to prevail.

Please be assured that these legal proceedings will in no way impact our day to day operations or the service you have come to expect from Glacial Energy. As always, our goal is to provide value to all customers big or small with the best combination of price and service in the industry.

We appreciate our relationship with you and recognize that the support of our customers and business partners is critical to our success.

If you have further questions we invite you to reach out to your normal day to day contact. You can also reach the Company by email at

Another Satisfied Customer!

To whom it may concern,

My Hotel, ____________ has been using Glacial Energy Electricity and Natural Gas services since the rate cap expiration in January of 2011. Their exceptional customer service team has been extremely helpful to me and there has never been more than a 2 minute wait time on the phone. Answering all of my questions and walking me through that enrollment process step by step was a huge benefit and I would recommend their services to anyone. We are proud to say the we are customers of Glacial Energy and the savings on our bills every month reflect that.
I am always available to take calls from anyone that would like to speak to a satisfied customer.


Krupal D
Hershey Pennsylvania

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