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Energy Efficiency and the Technology Behind It

In today’s world, energy efficiency and technology go hand in hand. With technological advances becoming more and more user friendly, it’s easier for businesses to incorporate them and to use them to manage their energy resources. From hardware to software, quite a few different types of energy efficiency technology are playing vital roles in businesses [...]

You can prevent electrical fires

Christmas is around the corner and now is the perfect time to calculate your electrical usage before plugging in your Christmas lights. It’s also important to take safety precautions to avoid a disastrous electrical fire. Things like faulty wiring, dry winter weather and bad electronic product choices can all act as contributing factors in a [...]

Electricity Generation 101 Part 2

Here’s a little recap from an earlier post: Energy is generated from a renewable or non-renewable source mined, harvested or collected from the earth. For every energy source, a chemical or mechanical process is required to turn it into electrical energy. The energy source then heats up water in the turbines, which makes the propellers [...]

Teaching children to conserve power

 It’s important for children to appreciate the environment and have an understanding of energy conservation. They can easily follow some simple rules to minimize their energy usage. There are various ways you can teach your children to save energy by making simple changes to their habits. It not only allows them to save energy, but [...]

Is hydrogen the answer?

The remains of plants and animals that died while dinosaurs roamed the earth formed fossil fuels and gradually transformed into coal, oil or natural gas. This process took millions of years. The fossil fuels we are using now were formed millions of years ago. We cannot go back in time to produce more fossil fuels. [...]

CO2 emission and Electricity Generation

Carbon emissions are a major contributor to climate change. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the primary greenhouse gas emitted through human activities, electricity generation being an integral part. Combustion of fossil fuels for energy and transportation is the main human activity that emits CO2, although certain industrial processes also emit CO2. Electricity is one of the [...]

Tips for Energy Conservation with the help of Plants

No matter the time of year or what season it is, our energy bill is always a major concern for many of us. We are concerned about saving energy costs, and never before have home owners been so focused about savings through landscaping. Growing plants around the house might be a hobby or a way [...]

What is a smart energy grid?

The official definition by the US government on its Smart Grid is that, “a Smart Grid is a developing network of new technologies, equipment, and controls working together to respond immediately to our 21st century demand for electricity.� The standard electric grid is a legacy network, dating back to the 1890s with over 9,200 electric [...]

Reduce Electric Bill by unplugging Vampire Electronics

Many people don’t realize that their electronics may consumer power even when they are plugged in, but not in use. Some electronics use power because of their LED standby light, while others use up electricity simply being connected to an outlet. These electronics are commonly termed as “Vampire Electronics� as they suck up electricity without [...]

History of energy deregulation in Ohio

It wasn’t until the mid-1980s that the federal government decided to end monopolies and pave way for a competitive marketplace in the energy industry. A competitive market was believed to offer more discipline in determining business practices and pricing than regulation. Energy deregulation happened in a phased manner across different states and Ohio too was [...]

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