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Quickest Way to Improve Energy Efficiency

What do you believe is the quickest and easiest ways to improve energy efficiency in your facility?   Many proponents of alternative energy would have you believe that solar panels and wind turbines are one of the best ways to go Green and improve energy efficiency.  I do not want to knock solar panels and wind [...]

Myth or Fact: Smart Meters

Although there has been some skepticism, Smart Meters are already starting to change the way people use and manage their electricity. Some myths about Smart Meters include:  Myth: Smart Meters can turn off appliances in your home without your permission. Fact: Smart meters do not identify electrical devices in the home or record when they [...]

Myth or Fact: Electricity Deregulation

Since the electricity market was deregulated several years ago, residents in cities participating in this emerging competitive market have enjoyed their power to choose retail electric providers. Electricity deregulation has been a success despite the abundance of several detractors, most of which are coming from areas and states where the implementation of energy deregulation has [...]

The History of Energy

True Cost of Lighting

True Cost of Lighting – To see the info-graphic enlarged click here to go to – top providers of LED Lights

What’s so smart about Smart Meters?

Over the past year you may have heard something about smart meters on your local, or even national, news. Surrounded by misinformation, you, as a consumer, need to know the facts about smart meters, and how the use of smart meters can offer benefits ranging from saving money on your electric and natural gas bills [...]

The Business of Doing Business: Shopping for Electricity Providers

We all know that to make a business successful one must decrease expenses while increasing profit. In times where the economy seems to flutter with the wind, smart business professionals proactively explore ways to decrease monthly expenses. One expense that can save your business money each month is the amount you pay for electricity. In [...]

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