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Load Shedding and Why It’s Important

Whenever there is a great demand for electrical power, such as during a hot day when everyone is running air conditioning, load shedding can help. Load shedding is a way to save money, and it can be quite useful to reduce pollution as well. If load shedding were not a possibility, the result would be [...]

10 Energy Saving Tips for Your Business

The cost of energy always seems to be rising and in response, people are always looking for ways to save on their electricity bill.  When you have a business that uses a substantial amount of energy each month, it becomes even more important for you to find some ways to reduce your overall costs.  Here [...]

6 Easy Energy Saving Tips

Saving energy seems like it would be a difficult task, but with these easy tips you can make a huge impact on your energy usage, and your electric bill. 1. Turn off lights when not needed. Get into the habit of turning off lights when you leave a room. Leaving just one 100-watt light bulb [...]

History of Electricity Deregulation

Beginning with the 1978 Airline Deregulation Act, the United States started eliminating many layers of economic regulation that had placed industries under strict government overseers.  The latest industry to feel the forces of deregulation is electricity. For most of the 20th century, one company generated the electricity, transported it to the local retailer and distributed [...]

How to shop for the best electric provider

As a result of energy deregulation residential and commercial electric consumers in many states can now choose the company that provides them with a portion of their electric service, typically through a Retail Electric Provider, or REP.  The U.S. Energy Information Association has a detailed map that outlines electricity deregulation by state. It is important [...]

The Business of Doing Business: Shopping for Electricity Providers

We all know that to make a business successful one must decrease expenses while increasing profit. In times where the economy seems to flutter with the wind, smart business professionals proactively explore ways to decrease monthly expenses. One expense that can save your business money each month is the amount you pay for electricity. In [...]