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What Room in Your House Uses the Most Electricity?

Some months, we find that our energy bills are higher than others. We just pass it off as using more electricity that month, but we rarely try to break down what specifically is causing the bill to go up. There are a few ways to determine what room is the biggest eater of energy, and [...]

Energy Usage: Apartments vs. Single-Family Homes

Most apartments are essentially semi-permanent hotels and would consume a lot of electricity with so many people living in them, right? Compared to a single-family home, they probably eat a lot of power each day. However, that is not actually the case. Electricity usage in apartments has actually dropped almost 40% in recent times. In [...]

What City Uses the Most Electricity?

Have you ever wondered which cities in the United States and around the world are using the most electricity? Quite a few different things are going to factor into the amount of energy that a city uses, but some cities just seem to suck up the power more than others do. Las Vegas, for example, [...]