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Twenty Tips for a More Energy Efficient Home

Going green and making your home more energy efficient isn’t just about keeping the environment clean. It can actually save you some money too. There are all sorts of ways to make your home more energy efficient, whether it’s installing insulation, upgrading your central air system, replacing your windows, switching to better lighting solutions, or [...]

What Makes Windows Energy Efficient?

Energy efficient windows can save you a bundle of money by preventing heat loss or gain in winter and summer, respectively. These types of windows seal up your house and make it as air-tight as possible, which in turn keeps your heating and cooling appliances running at maximum efficiency. But what exactly does it mean [...]

Battle of the Bulbs

Ever since February 2007, incandescent bulbs have been the target of legislation to phase them out of use by 2014. The reason for this phase out is simple: incandescent bulbs are severely inefficient. So that begs the question: What bulbs should we switch to? There are two possible answers to that question. And in this [...]

The Driving Force behind LEDs

We all know Light Emitting Diodes, or LEDs, are energy efficient and bright light sources. With the rapid increase in LED usage, the world will be saving about $30 billion in energy costs by the year 2027. That’s equal to the annual output of 44 large power plants! Of all the electricity produced in the [...]

The Benefits of Weather Stripping

As houses age, they can develop small cracks along seams in windowsills, door frames, and attic spaces. These tiny cracks can have a major impact on your energy costs. Air seeps through these cracks, causing your home to lose 30 to 40% in extra heat in the winter and cooled air from your air conditioner [...]

Greener Greenhouses

On the surface, a greenhouse can be considered an environmentally-friendly architectural structure as it stands due to the protective environment it provides for various types of plants.  They serve to optimize plant growth by trapping heat and providing light in winter months, stabilizing unreliable water supplies, preventing withering with controlled cooling in summer months, and [...]

Energy Saving Tips for Handheld Devices

The presence of electronics in the consumer world continues to grow with the release of new and upgraded versions of devices every few months. It’s quite common for people to own multiple electronics, interchanging devices throughout the day and draining the battery life in each. These electronics and their corresponding chargers do not seem to [...]

Don’t Forget About Your Air Filter

If you’ve scoured the internet for energy saving tips, you may have come across this one: change your air filter regularly.  Every air conditioning company emphasizes that air filters need to be changed once a month.  This is especially mandatory in the summer months when you use your air conditioner the most. Benefits Your Home [...]

Energy Efficient Computers

What do you tend to shop for when buying a new computer?  Speed, power, screen size?  That’s normal but what about how energy efficient it is?  Consider this: if all computers sold in the U.S. met ENERGY STAR requirements, energy savings would grow to $1.8 billion each year, reducing greenhouse gas emissions equal to those [...]

10 Energy Saving Tips for Your Business

The cost of energy always seems to be rising and in response, people are always looking for ways to save on their electricity bill.  When you have a business that uses a substantial amount of energy each month, it becomes even more important for you to find some ways to reduce your overall costs.  Here [...]

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