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Renewable Energy and Energy Storage

Renewable energy is shaping the future of how we live our lives daily. Whether it is wind, solar, bio, or water powered, all that energy needs to be stored until its use is required. Several companies are developing high performance batteries to store this energy, but the batteries are currently too costly for mainstream use. [...]

What is Graphene and How Does It Relate to Energy Storage?

Graphene is the end result of reducing graphite, the same carbon material in pencils, to layers only one atom thick. Both graphite and graphene are very strong, stable, and excellent conductors. While most people associate graphite with pencils, its individual layers can have a major impact on energy storage. Graphene energy storage is more compact, [...]

An Innovation in Energy Storage

When we think of energy storage, most people will think of batteries. Batteries store electricity and release it as necessary for a variety of devices, from cars to phones. But batteries aren’t the only method of storing energy. A reservoir located behind the Lewiston power plant at Niagara Falls stores 1900 acres worth of water [...]