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How to shop for the best electric provider

As a result of energy deregulation residential and commercial electric consumers in many states can now choose the company that provides them with a portion of their electric service, typically through a Retail Electric Provider, or REP.  The U.S. Energy Information Association has a detailed map that outlines electricity deregulation by state. It is important [...]

The heat is on: High summer temperatures and impact on energy usage

The summer months can be grueling, especially with triple-digit afternoons and no rain in sight. It shouldn’t be any surprise that weather is one of the most important factors affecting electricity demand, and electricity pricing. In the residential and commercial sectors, heating and cooling account for more than 40 percent of end-use energy demand. As [...]

What’s so smart about Smart Meters?

Over the past year you may have heard something about smart meters on your local, or even national, news. Surrounded by misinformation, you, as a consumer, need to know the facts about smart meters, and how the use of smart meters can offer benefits ranging from saving money on your electric and natural gas bills [...]

Glacial Provides Energy Choice across 22 States

During my time at Call Center Week in Las Vegas, I met with a number of companies that were a bit “outside the box� of what one might expect from such a show. I saw representatives from businesses in the education field, those who specialized in location services, and even one particular social gaming company. [...]

The Business of Doing Business: Shopping for Electricity Providers

We all know that to make a business successful one must decrease expenses while increasing profit. In times where the economy seems to flutter with the wind, smart business professionals proactively explore ways to decrease monthly expenses. One expense that can save your business money each month is the amount you pay for electricity. In [...]

Glacial Energy Opens New Opportunity for Energy Savings to Detroit-area Residents.

If you’re a residential electric customer, you can now enjoy greater savings by switching to Glacial Energy.  In fact, you can receive your first month of energy  Free if you’re one of the first 5,000 people who sign up to become a Glacial Energy residential customer. If you’re currently a Consumers Energy or Detroit Edison [...]

Glacial Energy Rejects Blood Diamond Accusations

In August of 2011, Glacial Energy was accused in a lawsuit of being a “racketeering enterprise� and secretly funneling revenue from customers to fund a blood diamond mining operation in the Congo. In an attempt to create a scandal, this lawsuit was filed by Michael Petras, a disgruntled former business associate of Gary Mole, CEO [...]

Is Glacial Energy a Multi-level Marketing Company?

The answer is no. Glacial Energy sells numerous electric and natural gas products to commercial, industrial and institutional entities in markets throughout the United States.  The core customers of our operations are other businesses.  In general, multi-level marketing companies sell only to residential customers; many of these companies do not allow their sales associates to [...]

Glacial Energy Hires New Chief Operating Officer, Paul Konikowski

Here is our press release on our new Chief Operating Officer, Paul Konikowski: “January, 2012 Paul Konikowski was appointed Chief Operating Officer for Glacial Energy– Glacial Energy is pleased to announce that Paul Konikowski was recently appointed the company’s Chief Operating Officer. In this role, Paul will oversee the operation, planning and system integration for [...]

Glacial Energy Hires New Executive Vice President of Portfolio Management

Here is our press release on our new Executive Vice President of Portfolio Management, Juliana Claussen Konikowski: “January, 2012 Juliana Claussen Konikowski appointed Executive Vice President of Portfolio Management for Glacial Energy– Glacial Energy is pleased to announce that Juliana Claussen Konikowski was recently appointed the company’s Executive Vice President of Portfolio Management. In this [...]

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