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The Future of the Coal Industry

Climate change is a growing concern all over the globe, and consumers are looking to secure a cleaner future by switching to renewable energy solutions. Unfortunately for the coal industry, this means a major downturn in their sales. But, to keep up with the times, other, more environmentally friendly methods must be explored. There are [...]

Green Energy or Blue Energy? You choose!

Green energy is electricity generated from methods other than the conventional sources—such as oil, nuclear and coal–and has many advantages. Blue is the color that defines gloominess and pollution caused by the conventional methods of energy generation. One major advantage to renewable energy is the sources of energy production are easily replenished. Therefore, it is [...]

Green-e Energy Certifies Glacial Energy Holdings’ Glacial Renewable Energy Credits

Glacial Energy’s Customers Can Now Sign Up for a Certified Renewable Energy Option SAN FRANCISCO, CA (May 29, 2009) – The Center for Resource Solutions announced today that the Multiple Mix REC product “Glacial Renewable Energy Credits”, is now Green-e Energy Certified. Glacial Energy joins the growing network of renewable energy providers that offer products [...]