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Recycle Your Old Gadgets

When you replace your cell phone, mouse, laptop, monitor, or any other gadget, do you tend to pack it away in a box of dead electronics, cables, and plugs? You could actually be stowing away unknown cash. Several companies and even major retailers like Best Buy and Apple will buy back old technology and reimburse [...]

How a Hotel Can Become Eco-Friendly

If you’re looking to go on vacation and want to make sure your temporary home is environmentally friendly, try Green Hotels. The Green Hotels Association has been listing hotels that are dedicated to providing guests with a comfortable stay and caring for their employees since 1993. These hotels implement energy management systems, fluorescent and LED [...]

Go Green at Work!

Today, many people are looking for ways to be environmentally friendly because they realize the importance of having a safe and livable environment for future generations. “Going Green� isn’t just for your residence – you can apply the same ideas at your place of work! Get others in on the act and you will see [...]